System Requirements

To use the Euphonic Strings Refill you need to have Propellerhead Reason version 5 or higher (v5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 are all fully compatible).


The refill uses Combinator patches containing NN-XT samplers, M-Class EQ & Compressor, Scream and other standard Reason devices that have been part of Reason since version 3 (and continue to be a part of the latest version 8).

This works on both PC and Mac and being sample-based, is very light on CPU. We recommend a minimum of 2gb of RAM, ideally 4gb or more. If your system has less than 4gb of RAM you may need to use LITE versions of larger patches or lower layer number versions of patches (for example some patches come in "4 lyr" or "8 lyr" versions) - especially in larger projects. These 'lighter' versions of patches have the same sound great sound quality and still offer playing dynamics, but have less layers, thus require less samples being loaded.

The full refill is 5.5gb in size* and consists of 2 'data' refills and 1 'patches' refill - all 3 need to be added to your refill folder. (Patches are loaded from the patches refill - the 2 data refills contain all the samples).

The user license agreement can be seen at the bottom of the buy page. 

*On an Apple Mac the total size shows as 5.9gb. This is because Apple defines 1gb as 1000mb, whereas Microsoft defines 1gb as 1024mb.  


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