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End User License Agreement and Terms of Use: Euphonic Strings Refill


1. To use patches from the Euphonic Strings Refill in your work you must be the person who originally purchased it (thereby becoming the license holder) and agree to the following terms before use:

2. Under no circumstances may any of the content from the Euphonic Strings Refill be sampled, copied or resynthesized for use in any kind of commercial or free product.

For example:
2.a) The included patches are for use in a musical composition and not as a starting ground for building a commercial refill or sound library.

3. However, sampling is ok as long as it is part of a musical composition by the license holder.

4. The license is bound to the email and person who purchases the product.

5. The license and the Euphonic Strings Refill may not be given away or resold. 


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