Beautiful, living strings in your Reason rack.


These audio & video demos were made in Reason using only sounds from the Euphonic Strings Refill (except for the drums).



  • Over 8gb of samples packed into a 5.5gb refill
  • 24 bit 44.1khz samples
  • Over 6,300 samples
  • Keyswitch patches for easy articulation changes 
  • All samples in stereo (except for solo bass)
  • 124 Combinators
  • 91 NN-XT Patches
  • Massively multi-sampled
  • Dynamic articulations, from soft to hard, plus slides, trills & tremolo
  • Extensive use of round-robin layering for natural, human sounding strings

Higher velocities trigger more heavily bowed layers for expressive realistic playability from your MIDI keyboard. (Click image to enlarge)

A beautiful, lush 'hybrid' patch featuring a dynamic blend of sampled instruments and expertly programmed synths. See full list of patches here.

At Last! Realistic, Expressive Strings In Reason

Available to buy as an instant download

The Euphonic Strings Refill brings you highly playable, dynamic and beautiful sounding string sections for your Reason rack. We've lovingly recorded over 6,300 24bit samples to create the best strings you've ever heard in Reason.

The refill includes basses, cellos, violas and violins as separate sections as well as full string sections, all in a wide variety of articulations. You'll also find beautiful hybrid patches which combine strings layers and synths, and expressive split patches convenient for composition and live performance.

This is the perfect string section for your modern music productions or television and film scores. From an intimate violin quartet to a full 13 piece string section, this refill gives you truly expressive playability. We captured a huge number of variations of all main instruments so your strings will sound incredibly real and vibrant. Even fast staccato lines played on the same note of your keyboard sound dynamic and natural thanks to multi-layered 'round-robin' patches in Reason's NN-XT sampler.

The thousands of sampled notes were played by highly skilled musicians and obsessively captured using the same world-class signal path featured in countless hit records and classical recordings.There are no phrases or musical parts, just pure playable instruments. With the Euphonic Strings Refill Your MIDI keyboard becomes an expressive and inspiring string section.

This fabulous strings refill is suitable for all versions of Reason from version 5 and upwards (including the latest version 8). Combinator patches use only standard Reason devices such as NN-XT Sampler, M-Class EQ & Compressor, Scream etc. Being sample-based the cpu hit is minimal and we've catered for lower RAM specs by including 'LITE' versions of most of the larger patches. 


Realistic & Dynamic


The Euphonic Strings refill is a superbly detailed strings refill for your Reason rack. Instruments have been painstakingly sampled in 1 or 2 note increments and in multiple layers for maximum realism. Many patches feature dynamic articulations ranging from very light 'p' (piano), to medium soft 'mezzo piano', medium loud 'mezzo forte', and loud 'forte', enabling expressive, dynamic playing from your MIDI keyboard. As well as velocity dynamics, you'll also find 'round robin' style patches (such as the 8 layer spiccato viola patch in our free demo combinator) where repeated notes trigger different layers of samples so each played note sounds slightly and humanly different to the last. Play fast staccato lines and it won't sound like a machine, each note you play triggers a different sample of that particular note of the instrument so your strings sound alive and real.


Keyswitch Patches For Expressive Performance


The included keyswitch patches enable easy articulation changes while you play. By pressing the C1, C#1 and (in some cases) D1 keys on your MIDI keyboard while you play, you enable different articulation layers. For example you can use these keys to enable sliding notes, staccato or tremolo styles of play. We've also included a 'key switcher' combinator so you can easily build your own keyswitch patches by simply loading in NN-XT patches as required.


Perfect For Your Modern Productions


Whether you want an intimate string quartet for your folk song or a lush sounding full string section for your trance track, Euphonic strings does it better than any other string or orchestral refill available for Reason. It all starts with beautifully recorded 24 bit samples of talented string players. The raw samples are as long as possible for maximum realism, and have been expertly looped for sustaining ('never-ending') patches.


But What About Orkester?


The Orkester strings included with Reason were great in 2002 but a side by side comparison with Euphonic Strings makes the difference very clear. Orkester sounds muddy and undefined, like an impersonation, and does not feature any round-robin patches or deep layering etc. Euphonic Strings sound alive and real - ready for professional production work, truly world-class.

The Orkester soundbank does not offer anything like the level of detail, dynamics, variety of articulations or sound quality you will find in Euphonic Strings. Orkester has no round-robin patches, no keyswitch patches and the full soundbank (which includes brass and woodwinds) is under 600 megabytes in size (Euphonic Strings is 5.5 GIGAbytes). Orkester’s samples are 16bit resolution, Euphonic Strings are 24bit giving you greater detail and clarity. When you want to go pro with your orchestral work, string parts and film scores, you'll choose Euphonic Strings.


System Requirements


To use the Euphonic Strings Refill you need to have Propellerhead Reason version 5 or higher (v5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 are all fully compatible).

The refill uses Combinator patches containing NN-XT samplers, M-Class EQ & Compressor, Scream and other standard Reason devices that have been part of Reason since version 3.

This works on both PC and Mac and being sample-based, is very light on CPU. We recommend a minimum of 2gb of RAM, ideally 4gb or more. If your system has less than 4gb of RAM you may need to use LITE versions of larger patches or lower layer number versions of patches (for example some patches come in "4 lyr" or "8 lyr" versions) - especially in larger projects. These 'lighter' versions of patches have the same sound great sound quality and still offer playing dynamics, but have less layers, thus require less samples being loaded.

The full refill is 5.5gb in size* and consists of 2 'data' refills and 1 'patches' refill - all 3 need to be added to your refill folder. (Patches are loaded from the patches refill - the 2 data refills contain all the samples).

The user license agreement can be seen at the bottom of the buy page. 

*On an Apple Mac the total size shows as 5.9gb. This is because Apple defines 1gb as 1000mb, whereas Microsoft defines 1gb as 1024mb.  

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